UK Sealant Application Services

Our fully qualified sealant applicators offer comprehensive mastic and sealant application services to a wide range of customers and industries. We are immensely proud of the quality of service, attention to detail and professionalism we employ, making us one of the market leaders in this demanding industry.

Whatever the job, you can rest assured that you will receive a first class service from a fully qualified sealant applicator.

Our Sealant Services

Below is just a sample of the sealant application work we are able to undertake:

  • Internal and external window frames
  • Internal and external door frames
  • Glass to glass
  • Tile/wood/ameco to skirting joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Acoustic sound proofing
  • Air test jointing
  • Fire seal
  • Lead work sealing
  • Floor saw cut joints
  • Swimming pools
  • Cut out and reseals

If you require a sealant application that isn’t listed above, would like a quote or to arrange a free site visit for us to evaluate the job please contact your nearest office via the ‘Contact’ page or e-mail us a brief specification and we’ll get back to you with a full and detailed quotation.

Learn more about sealant application

We’ve used our expertise as sealant application specialists to put together a guide to sealant application which covers all the basics. Whether you want to know more about the process, or you’re unsure about what the right service for your needs is, we’ll fill in the gaps! Read on to learn more:

What is mastic sealant?

Generally speaking, the two main sealing applications are the joining of one surface to another, and providing protective cover to a particular area. (We would know, the SD Sealants team are specialists in both!) Mastic sealant is a type of sealant used in projects where the sealant needs to stay flexible once it’s dried, as it can maintain its durability for years while also bending as required.

Our team commonly uses mastic sealant in construction jobs to connect doors and windows to the main structure, as well as in bathrooms to seal the area around tubs or to fill in cracks in masonry. Incredibly versatile, it adheres to a range of materials, including concrete, steel, aluminium, wood and glass.

Mastic application

Roofing and brick structures are usually subject to mastic application, along with some cars and boats, where it provides surface protection and keeps them free of dust. Regardless of the type of surface you are applying the mastic sealant to, there are a couple of things to remember.

While priming the area before mastic application is not necessary, it’s good practice to ensure that it’s been thoroughly cleaned and dried. (As SD Sealants’ specialist team do at all times!) As most mastic sealants come in a tube or tub, the best tool to apply them with is the trusted caulking gun. The average lifespan of mastic sealant is approximately five years, so we recommend replacing it after that period to ensure optimal efficiency.

Mastic or silicone sealant?

There are a number of unique features which set mastic sealant aside from other alternatives such a silicone. Combining a smooth surface with a rigid form and unrivalled flexibility, mastic sealants are easy to apply, as they come in a pasta shape which applies to the surface smoothly without need for priming.

In our experience working on different projects, we’ve also found that mastic is perfect for outdoor sealant application thanks to its ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors, which help keep it from weakening in the sun, as well as its waterproof properties and weather resistance. What’s more, unlike some of their counterparts, mastic sealants are great for use on metals, as they don’t cause corrosion.

However, there are also a couple of downsides to mastic sealants to be aware of. Despite its exceptional flexibility, we don’t recommend using it on areas where it will be subjected to extreme join movement, as it will eventually wear down. We also advise using mastic for thick sealant applications such as wider cracks in masonry or large gaps, as it’s not best suited for areas requiring a delicate finish.

Caravan sealant application services

Renowned as sealant application specialists in the caravan industry, we take great pride in our caravan sealant application expertise which enables us to work on park homes and caravans ‘in situ’, resolving issues and also providing cosmetic repairs.

Instead of removing and replacing entire panels, our team uses a selection of acoustic sealants, clear sealants and specialist window frame sealants to provide a range of solutions which are highly in demand amongst commercial operators in the caravan industry.

As one of the leading sealant companies in the UK, we are the go-to sealant contractors for caravan operators who need support with maintaining and restoring the caravans they operate all year round.

Our caravan sealant application approach focuses on using acoustic and clear sealants to restore internal elements such as panels and shower cubicles, allowing owners to save on full replacements. From unsightly chips to scratches and cracks which need filling up, our highly skilled team of sealant application specialists can provide a range of cosmetic building repairs. We also use a selection of door and window frame sealants to ensure the motor homes are properly insulated and in top shape for the summer season.

A cost-effective solution for caravan owners and park operators, our caravan sealant application service is which covers a wide range of surfaces, including glass, brick, ceramic, metal and panelling. Our team of sealant contractors will repair each surface to a professional standard, saving you the time and money you’d otherwise spend on a replacement.

Sealant for marine applications

As sealant contractors, we also specialise in waterproof sealants for underwater applications and marine silicone sealants – perfect for transforming a cruise liner from a scruffy vessel to a sought-after holiday spot. Our team offers a range of sealant application services for companies in the cruise industry, including refurbishing, repair and maintenance. Using specialist sealant for marine applications, we can take care of your ship inside and out, so when the holiday season comes around, you can offer the highest standard luxury holiday destination.

Leisure centres and swimming pool sealant applications

Our sealant application services also play a crucial part in maintaining some of the most popular sports and leisure facilities across the UK. We offer a range of leisure centres and swimming pool sealant application solutions designed to meet all of your repair needs.

Qualified to work on both wet and dry areas within a sports complex, our sealant application specialists will use a selection of professional tools throughout the leisure centre, including swimming pool joint sealant and chlorine resistant sealant for your swimming pool, as well as antifungal silicone sealant for the surrounding area, changing rooms and more.

Many prestigious facilities have taken advantage of our services and are pleased with the results. Amongst them was the 2014 Commonwealth Games Village in Glasgow, where we carried out external mastic sealant application throughout.

Construction sealant application

Last, but not least, we provide sealant application services to construction companies. Specialising in cosmetic repairs for newly built properties, our highly qualified and experienced team of professionals can repair any surfaces damaged during the construction process.

Using a range of dedicated construction sealants, including external sealants, Arbo sealants and a variety of industrial sealants, we provide unrivalled property cosmetic repair services to the construction sector.

Coming in at the final stages of construction, we can help restore anything from floor to ceiling with some expert sealant application, including doors, cupboards, and bathroom units, as well as the actual walls and floors.

Our sealant application specialists can restore even the most damaged items to their original glamour, so the house is in pristine condition and sale-ready.

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