Cosmetic Repair for Buildings

Our fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic building repairers offer a complete surface cosmetic repair service on an extensive list of surfaces. Unsightly chips, scratches and cracks can be professionally repaired to an exacting standard, often saving the need to replace expensive items.

Our work is carried out by fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic repair professionals, with extensive experience of repairing all surfaces. Even the most heavily damaged items can be restored to their original state, so don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss your needs.

Our Cosmetic Building Repair Service

Below is a list of surfaces we currently provide a cosmetic building repair service for:

  • Glass surface repairs
  • Brick tinting
  • Baths and basins cosmetic repairs
  • Bricks and stone colour matching
  • Ceramic tile repairs
  • Cladding repairs
  • Caravan interiors/exteriors
  • Flooring
  • GRP
  • Kitchen units repairs
  • Laminate surface repairs
  • Marble and granite cosmetic repairs
  • Metal work
  • Panelling
  • Powder-coated surfaces
  • uPVC window and door repairs
  • Worktops and countertops repairs

If you require a cosmetic surface repair that isn’t listed above, would like a quote or to arrange a free site visit to evaluate the job please contact your nearest office via the ‘Contact’ page or e-mail us a brief specification and we’ll get back to you with a full and detailed quotation.

Alternatively, you can fill out our cosmetic repair quote form below and upload a photo of the surface that you require repairing.


The importance of cosmetic repair in construction

When we talk about construction cosmetic repair, by definition we refer to the final stage of the project, when we are called in by a range of contractors to polish any imperfections to newly built or renovated properties.

The high demand for cosmetic repair solutions is unsurprising, considering many contractors are faced with looming deadlines and exacting customer demands during the final stage of the building project. Such increased pressure inevitably results in a greater risk of accidentally damaging surfaces general fittings, walls and doors in the rush to finish the job.

Whether you are developing a block of flats, renovating a municipal building or refurbishing a single home, leaving chips or scratches on the surfaces at the end of the job is guaranteed to make a bad impression. You have two choices if you want to avoid this – replacement, or cosmetic repair. Replacing broken or damaged fittings can often be a costly option, especially if you factor in disruption to the project and potential delays on top of the net cost of a new counter or door.

This is where cosmetic repair solutions come in. Hiring a trained cosmetic repair company such as SD Sealants allows contractors to quickly and affordably take care of any damage done to surfaces during the construction works. Our fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic repair professionals have years of experience in fixing and finishing all types of surface, across both large and small projects.

What is the cosmetic repair process?

Starting with an initial assessment, our property cosmetic repair team will then begin work on restoring the damaged areas, making sure that the shape, colour, pattern and finish of the surfaces look as good as new by the time they are finished. As part of our cosmetic repair solutions, we repair any surfaces and items that have been damaged during the construction process, including doors, cupboards, bathroom units, walls and floors which may have been scratched, chipped or dented.

Our surface repair experts can restore even the most heavily damaged items to their former glory, allowing construction companies and building contractors to present an immaculate property on schedule, without the need to replace expensive items.

Types of cosmetic building repairs

‘Cosmetic house repairs’ is often used as a blanket term which covers a variety of cosmetic repair solutions for both individual houses and large-scale projects like a block of flats, including:

Cosmetic surface repairs

Cosmetic surface repairs usually involve fixing any surfaces which have sustained damage such as discolouring, stains, scratches, chips or cracks, using a selection of specialist fillers, paints and polishes.

The range of surfaces that can be restored using cosmetic surface repair varies from worktops and kitchen units, wood and flooring to UPVC and glass, as well as an array of external surfaces such as brickwork and masonry.

One of the most common types of cosmetic surface repairs when it comes to the area of cosmetic home repairs is the reconstruction of worktops and kitchen units. Whether it’s dealing with a large crack on a glossy worktop, a chip missing from a newly installed door or a damaged kitchen unit, our expert cosmetic surface repairs team can fill in the cracks, colour match the surface and replicate the texture, restoring the original look of the item so it looks as good as new, saving you the need for a replacement.

Construction cosmetics brick tinting

Another popular aspect of cosmetic house repairs is brick tinting. A technique widespread throughout Europe, cosmetic brick tinting is used to ensure that there are no colour inconsistencies in brickwork or masonry.

There are a number of reasons why colour inconsistencies might appear, including using a variety of brick batches for the same construction job, or failing to match the bricks of a new structure (e.g. extension) with these of the main building. To avoid the end results having a patchy appearance, many contractors turn to the construction cosmetic brick tinting solutions provided by our cosmetic repairs team.

Whether it’s decorative brickwork, replacing old bricks with a new batch due to damage or restoring listed buildings, we can colour match most brick types to ensure a seamless look. Our fully trained cosmetic repair brick tinting specialists can create unlimited brick shades using specialist pigments and dyes, which gives us the confidence that we’d be able to meet the unique tinting requirements of your site.

This cosmetic house repair solution is suitable for most bricks and mortar as well as both artificial and natural stone facades, so you can easily ensure the brickwork matches across the full construction job you’ve completed, whether it’s a block of flats or just a house extension.

Cosmetic tile repairs

During the construction process, walls and floor tiles are also at risk of accidental damage, so it’s very common that contractors find chips, cracks and scratches in the tiling. To avoid ruining the look of a newly built home by having a large chip in the floor tiles, contractors turn to cosmetic tile repairs as a cheaper alternative to replacing the tiling. With the help of a cosmetic repairs team, you can mend the damage and recreate the style of the tile quickly and affordably, which is especially practical if you are working on a block of flats and need a couple of issues patched up.

Cosmetic window repairs

Last, but not least, cosmetic home repairs specialists are often called upon to fix damage to glass windows. Luckily for contractors, our expert cosmetic window repairs team can provide on-site glass repairs, polishing any scuffs and scratches, and removing accidental abrasions from the windows, leaving the glass looking sparking clean without the need for removal or a pricey replacement.

Finding a trusted cosmetic repair company

Here at SD Cosmetic Repairs we specialise in providing the construction industry with quality cosmetic repair solutions they can rely on. As a cosmetic repair company with a long history of excellence, we are the go-to for businesses in the housing sector looking for assistance with construction cosmetics at the final stages of their projects.

First established as a family business in Somerset, SD Cosmetic Repairs has since grown to be a reputable cosmetic repair company and one of the largest sealants specialists in the UK. Dedicated to providing first-class construction cosmetics, we make sure we always meet even the highest standards by investing in the continuous cosmetic repair training of our team.

To back up our reputation as the UK’s leading cosmetic repair company, we’ve made sure that everyone who is part of our workforce has years of on-site experience and holds hard-earned CSCS qualifications. As well as professional qualifications certifying our cosmetic repair training, we have years of experience providing cosmetic repair solutions, which makes us unrivalled in the industry.

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