The Mariners Rock

The SD cosmetic repairs team provided one of Cornwall’s culinary jewels with a makeover. In total, the team worked nearly 40 days and had five different technicians working on the project complete this job within the timeframe.

We know the importance of this restaurant to the locals and tourists alike, it’s an institution. We are absolutely committed to continuing the success of the venue so it’s great to be able to contribute to giving it a fresh new look.
- Chris K, Cornwall Area Manager

The Mariners Pub and Restaurant in Rock has been a staple for residents and tourists for almost three decades and in February 2019, it changed hands from one Michelin star chef to another.

Celebrity chef Paul Ainsworth and his wife Emma acquired the lease from Nathan Outlaw earlier this year. To mark the new ownership, Paul and Emma decided to give the venue a makeover.

For the SD team, the project involved respraying all the white windows – both exterior and interior – as well as respraying the large blue canopy and the front of the building.

The before and after pictures can be seen in the gallery below.

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