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Why cruise liners need to be ship-shape for the summer season

07th June 2021

As life begins to return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise liner companies have started to announce plans to resume cruising again – which means now is the perfect time to make sure the boats are guest-ready.

Luxury cruise line Oceania Cruises has announced plans to resume cruising again from 29th August 2021 when its 1,250-guest ship Marina sails from Copenhagen to Scandinavia and Western Europe. And the ever-popular Viking Cruises also released plans to set sail once more under the latest Government rules and will be restarting its ocean cruises on the Mediterranean this summer.

As holidaymakers prepare to confidently travel once more after the Coronavirus crisis, there has never been a more important time to ensure that cruise liners are ship-shape for guests. SD Sealants has a Marine Repairs arm of the business which means we have a dedicated team to look after a whole range of refurbishments.

Cruise liners are hotels on the water and all paying guests, quite rightly, expect extremely high standards. A cruise liner is not just about getting from A to B, it’s the living embodiment of a customers’ holiday experience. Whether it’s indulging in fine dining at a beautiful restaurant, catching some rays by an inviting pool or enjoying a good night’s sleep in a comfy bed, the vessel’s environments are crucial to creating lasting holiday memories.

So, with the promise of summer travelling just round the corner, now is the ideal time for cruise companies to make sure their boats are up to scratch – and that’s where we come in. Our Marine Repairs team specialises in cruise ship repair, refurbishment and maintenance to ensure that all aspects of the boat are in top condition.

From reliable and efficient cleaners and general labourers, to expert French polishers and cosmetic repair specialists, SD Marine Services are the one-stop destination for ensuring your vessel remains ship-shape. And, with many years’ experience working with global travel brands across skilled specialisms and hard surface repairs, no vessel is too large and no job is too challenging.

The last 14 months have been difficult for many businesses, especially the travel industry. We adapted our business last year to ensure that we were still able to carry out repairs for marine operators but now that the world is gradually opening up again, we would urge cruise liners companies to get their boats in perfect condition for those all-important guests.

Have you got bits of carpets that are loose? Flaky paint in any of the cabins? Are any of your shower cubicles leaking? Your guests deserve the best, especially after the last year or so when hundreds of longed-for cruises were cancelled as the pandemic took hold. Now is the time to get everything spick and span in every area of the boat.

If your ship has been sitting idle for months, it’s likely it will need a good maintenance check. For example, if the plumbing hasn’t been active with regular flushing toilets and running water through the system, rust can set in, pipes can start to disintegrate, and then you could be faced with major problems.

Holidaymakers deserve the very best, especially this coming summer and at SD Marine Services we understand the importance of maintaining a flawless environment on board.

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