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Three reasons to choose cosmetic repair

26th July 2022

The SD Team prides itself on repairing a range of surfaces including worktops, baths, shower trays, doors, window frames and much more. But why should businesses consider cosmetic repair? Well, here are three reasons to consider.

  • It’s sustainable

Not only will cosmetic repair solutions make your damaged items look brand new, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. By choosing cosmetic repair, a business is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, as repairing damaged items rather than replacing them is generally best for the planet.

The construction industry is responsible for 120m tonnes of waste every year – around a third of all UK waste. Cosmetic repair is a quick remedy to reducing such waste, with professionals using innovative products and skills to repair damaged surfaces rather than ripping them out and replacing them.

Beyond this, it’s also important to consider the processes used to build replacement items. A lot of energy and resources are used during manufacturing and transportation processes, resulting in more carbon being emitted. While some broken items can be recycled, repair and restore is usually even better from an environmental standpoint and sends a clear message that your business has moved on from a disposable to a sustainable mode of operation.

  • It’s cheaper

Whether it be refurbishing or tidying up damaged surfaces, repairing costs significantly less than buying an item brand new, especially if you have items that are antique or unusual.

Knowing whether to repair or replace isn’t often straightforward, but it’s important to remember that even the most heavily damaged items can be restored to their original state, no matter their age. So, in these times of rising costs and tight budgets, engaging professional repairers to tackle unsightly chips, scratches and other damage can make a significant contribution to your business’ bottom line.

  • It’s efficient

The high demand for cosmetic repair solutions is unsurprising, particularly when many contractors are under heavy pressure from tight time limits, exacting customer demands and the risk of accidental damage to surfaces, general fittings, walls or doors. In such circumstances, repairing instead of replacing won’t hold up your deadlines, as there will be no need to wait around for delivery times or new products to come into stock. Cosmetic technicians can be on hand for any projects big or small in a timely manner.

SD would love to help your business towards this greener, cheaper and more efficient alternative. Don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss your needs here or to find out more about our cosmetic repairs service.

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