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The SD Team work on getting the UK’s holiday parks spick and span ready for the new season

22nd February 2022

All year round, our expert cosmetic repairs team provides a variety of finishing solutions for the caravan and lodging industry.

The UK staycation market has boomed since the pandemic hit and the cosmetic repair team at SD Group has been instrumental in keeping holiday accommodation around the UK at a 5-star standard and it continues to do so this year as we head into the spring and summer season.

On average, each year the SD team support more than 20 caravan and holiday parks, restoring items that become victims to wear and tear. Its expert cosmetic repairs teams provide a variety of sought-after solutions that have proved hugely popular among commercial operators who need support in maintaining and restoring their caravans and mobile homes quickly and to a high standard.

From restoring external panels to shower cubicles and other internal elements, one quick visit from SD’s cosmetic repair team means there is no need to replace a caravan or mobile home and therefore is a very cost-effective solution.

Here are just a few examples of the work that the SD team has carried out on static caravans and holiday homes in the last few years:




The complete surface repair service SD’s teams offer for caravans and mobile homes covers an extensive list of surfaces, including glass, brick, ceramic, metal and panelling.

Whether holiday park or caravan owners need to do away with unsightly chips, cover up scratches or fill in cracks, SD Group’s highly skilled team of cosmetic repairers can professionally finish anything to an exceptional standard, saving the time and money required to replace expensive items.

If you would like more information on how to prepare a caravan for the summer season, click here:

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