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Silicone shortages: Our view

14th June 2018

Many in the sealants and construction industry will be aware that the price of silicone has been rapidly rising, and this has understandably been taking its toll on businesses across the sector.


We can confirm that there are worldwide market issues causing a shortage of silicone products, and that because of this unprecedented shortage, prices are rising and will continue to rise between now and October 2018. It is predicted that costs will rise further into 2019 and beyond this, the market will remain volatile.

Material is an incredibly valuable commodity to any construction business and we have taken this issue very seriously, working hard over recent months to ensure that SD Sealants, and its clients, are affected as little as possible by these industry-wide changes.

As this point we want to assure our existing customers that SD has full access to all materials, and although there will undoubtedly be a price adjustment in the market, we will endeavour to honour ongoing orders received up until today’s date (14.06.18) at the agreed rates, however previous estimates cannot be entertained.

We would also like to reassure future clients that we will be mitigating any rise in costs as much as is possible, and can confirm that we are in a very strong position moving forward. We understand that a rise in contract prices will be very difficult for many businesses, and so we are doing everything we can to ensure that costs stay down.

If anybody has any queries or concerns regarding material shortages and cost, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we will be happy to discuss this with you.

The SD team

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