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SD spruce up Caldicot Leisure Centre

12th May 2022

The SD Cosmetic Repairs team recently worked with the local council to give Caldicot’s Leisure Centre entrance a new lease of life.

The Caldicot Leisure Centre, situated in the heart of town on the comprehensive school campus, provides a vital hub to support physical and emotional wellbeing across all ages.

The leisure centre contacted SD directly and asked our cosmetic repair experts to take on a new project – restoring the external door frames of the sports facility – towards the end of March. Though structurally sound, these frames had suffered from wear and tear over the years, resulting in a number of cracks and chips. Additionally, the paint had faded over the years to a dull red/brown.

The Solution – SD’s Repair Work

Our expert team started work straight away to repair the door frames. The work was carried out by our highly trained cosmetic repair professionals, who fixed the cracks and chips to the damaged doors as well as painting them a vibrant blue.

With summer on the horizon, this fresh coat of paint has brightened up the entrance doors. Additionally, the hardwearing finish will help protect the exterior framing from environmental elements, such as sun and rain, in the months and years to come. The SD team were pleased to work with Caldicot Leisure Centre and finalise the work in around a week, which including some out of hour shifts to accommodate the centre’s opening times.

Do You Need a Skilled Repairs Team?

Our highly qualified team of specialists are on hand to help with sport and leisure facility repair services, among other industries. We can work on both wet and dry areas within a sports complex, so our solutions cover anything from the swimming pool to the cafeteria and all the spaces in between.

SD’s experienced repairers offer a complete surface cosmetic repair service on an extensive list of surfaces. Unsightly chips, scratches and cracks can be professionally repaired to an exacting standard, often saving the need to replace expensive items.

So, if you are looking for a cost-friendly and environmentally sound solution, read more about SD Cosmetic Repair’s projects here or get in touch by calling 08700 717 273.

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