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SD repairs help Brits get ready for the caravan season

12th March 2020

The SD cosmetic repairs team have been busy carrying out improvements on caravans all over the UK in preparation for the summer holiday season.

What sets us apart from other service providers in the sphere is our ability to resolve issues and cosmetically repair caravans and park homes ‘in situ’, instead of removing and replacing entire panels.

Our expert cosmetic repairs team provides for the caravan industry with a variety of sought-after solutions which have proved hugely popular among commercial operators who need support with maintaining and restoring the caravans they operate all year round.

The innovative approach we take to restoring panels, shower cubicles and other internal elements means there’s no need for full replacement, as is so often the case. Check out some of the latest caravan repairs our cosmetic repairs team has been carrying out:

Shower cubicle tray

caravan shower tray heavily damaged
caravan shower tray with no damage


Side panels

before and after pictures of a caravan panel fix


Worktop repair

before and after photos of a worktop repair


For more information on our caravan repairs services, visit our caravan page here.

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