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SD recruiting across Scotland

26th October 2020

SD is looking to expand its workforce across Scotland following national recruitment drive of up to 50 new employees.

SD’s Scottish base is in Glasgow but we are recruiting for roles across the country after successfully weathering the storm of the covid-19 pandemic for the past six months.

This year, SD has been involved in a number of significant construction projects in response to the pandemic crisis, working on five emergency hospitals including the NHS Louisa Jordan, Glasgow. We are looking to welcome both experienced workers and those starting out in the trade, who will join the company as it begins to relaunch its full range of services, from marine and cruise repairs to providing the finish for new build developments.

Nick Jones, Managing Director at SD said: “Despite these turbulent times, we’re thrilled to be in such a fortunate position to expand our team here in Scotland. We’ve been very lucky to have seen through the pandemic unscathed and we want to offer as many hard-working, skilled people as possible the chance to get back to work.

“We pride ourselves on having the best team in the business and our door is always open for talented new recruits. I’m thrilled that we’re in a position to be able to grow our team again, especially in such difficult times, and we really look forward to welcoming some new faces this year who can help us as we start back on our trajectory of growth.”

In the financial year 2019-20, SD turned over more than £1million in what was a record-breaking 12 months for the firm. This August, the company marked its return to full steam with the launch of SD Claims, an insurance service for claims made on household and commercial damage that needs repair.

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