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School is in session at St Hilda’s College, Oxford

22nd November 2021

Our Cosmetic Repairs team have gone back to school this year, carrying out significant repairs at St Hilda’s College, Oxford on behalf of lead contractor Beard Construction.

An historic and impressive site, St Hilda’s College was first built as part of Oxford University in 1893 as a women’s college, a status it retained until 2008. Its grounds include six major buildings, which contain student accommodation, teaching areas, dining hall, the library and administration blocks.

The SD Cosmetic Repairs team were invited to carry out works on the site after the college embarked on a major redevelopment of accommodation and facilities for its students and staff, with initial work beginning in 2018.

Undertaken in two phases, the building programme aimed to enhance significantly the experience of St Hilda’s as a place to study, live, and work. The initial phase of building work, which was completed in mid 2021, transformed the front of the College site. It includes a new Anniversary Building and a pavilion.

In collaboration with Beard Construction, we completed approximately 25 days on site over ten months, repairing panels, doors, window frame, balconies and worktops across the campus. See below examples of repairs to door scratches and splintered wood fittings:

black door with scratches
black door after scratch repair


wooden door with splinter
wooden door after splinter repair


Our fully qualified and highly trained cosmetic building repairers offer a complete surface cosmetic repair service on an extensive list of surfaces. Unsightly chips, scratches and cracks can be professionally repaired to an exacting standard, often saving the need to replace expensive items.

You can read more about our projects here or to find out about our Cosmetic Repairs offering visits the Services page here.

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