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Outsourcing gave SD sealants the confidence to expand

25th February 2016

Mubaloo and SD sealants case study 

Imagine the ability to create a new division of your business and increase your turnover by 25%, without any additional overheads, whilst also improving your overall service levels. That’s precisely what SD Sealants and Cosmetic Repairs, a Somerset business first established in 1973, managed to do.

SD Sealants and Cosmetic repairs is one of the largest sealant specialists in the UK with eight offices across England, Scotland and Wales.

In 2014, the company was finding that demand was exceeding its ability to supply. Delivering sealant services to around 600 building sites per week, the company was inundated with paper and finding its ability to expand and grow limited.

SD applicators would use a transfer paper pad with four sheets that would need to be posted to the head office at the end of each week. The process would see documents get damaged or lost in the post, not to mention, adding to the time it takes to process orders.

With specific processes in place, an off-the-shelf product wouldn’t have met the needs of the company, and SD lacked the skills to create the product themselves. They turned to Bristol-based mobile consultancy and enterprise app developer, Mubaloo. As a company that traditionally helps large enterprises transform their business processes through consultation, development and deployment of mobile applications, Mubaloo was expertly placed to help SD. SD Sealants and Cosmetic Repairs had the aim of doubling in size, reducing pressure on admin staff and improving the field force work process.

The main purpose of the app is to allow SD applicators to input job information on site, add photos and additional details to job files, access payment information and deliver information back to head office in real time. The app enables SD to improve overhead recovery, reduce errors and has enabled the company to expand its service offering, including integrating the firm’s recently launched cosmetic repair business.

Mubaloo worked with SD at every stage of the process from defining strategy behind the app, right through to development and deployment.

The app is now being used by SD applicators across the UK, leading to a huge amount of improvements to both internal intelligence but also time saving. On average, the app has freed up an extra five hours per worker on a weekly basis. The app has already helped the business to expand with a 25% growth in turnover with no additional overhead to manage this expansion required. The outsourcing of this development has significantly added value to SD Sealants and Cosmetic repairs and the opportunity to grow without being concerned about additional investment in admin or processes.

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