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Looking back: Cosmetic Repairs

21st May 2020

During the Covid-19 crisis, the construction industry has been going through a lot of change. It may be a little while until normality resumes for everyone, and so in the meantime we’re taking a moment to look back at some more of our favourite cosmetic repairs from time gone by.

Restoring 200 year old tiles

The SD repairs team took on a tough challenge in 2019 – repairing and restoring a series of hand-painted, ornate tiles at Hadspen House in Somerset.

blue painted tiles with crack down the middle
blue painted tile after being fixed


Brick repair and tinting

Here our cosmetic repairs technicians were on site at Colindale in London, where the brickwork had been subject to serious wear and tear. Thankfully, the SD team were able to perform some brilliant repairs and the exterior walls are looking as good as new.


Brilliant bathrooms

The SD Cosmetic Repairs team in Cornwall carried out an extensive list of repairs on new luxury housing developments in 2019, among them some fantastic bathroom repairs. Here are a few of our favourites;



A faultless finish

Last but not least the quality of this door repair speaks for itself – carried out by expert technician Jim, the repair was completed under very tight timescales and we think it is absolutely flawless!

cosmetic repair door progress


To see more examples of our expert cosmetic repairs and to find out more about SD’s services, visit the Cosmetic Repairs page. 

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