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How to: prepare a caravan for the summer season

04th May 2021

The nights are longer, the weather’s getting warmer and UK-based holidays have never been more popular, which means that caravan and holiday home parks are going to be experiencing heavy footfall this year.

With restrictions easing across the country, caravan parks and owners need to ensure that their static homes are in top condition ready for what is set to be a very busy summer.

Follow our top tips for looking after the condition of a caravan and if you need any expert help, always call on the SD Team.

  1. Check the ventilation

Caravans and chalets are prone to mould, especially around windows, doors and ceiling joints. If there are any areas of poor ventilation mould can quickly form, especially in the bathroom. If you spot the beginnings of mould, it can escalate and be a big turn off for guests, potentially causing health issues too. Use this time to check the ventilation throughout and replace sealants around bathroom fixtures and fittings, which can prevent mould.

  1. Assess any leaks

Water can cause destructive damage so now is a good time to check any doors, windows and showers for potential leaks. Reseal sinks and shower screens now to prevent leaky problems when high season approaches.

  1. Restore the paintwork

Interior walls, worktops and cabinets will naturally get dirty and marked after prolonged use, so it might be time to touch up the paint work to keep holiday homes looking fresh and well looked after.

  1. Fix any drafts

If it feels a bit chilly and you suspect there could be a draft, check the windows and doors. There could be gaps around the doors, or they may stick and not open properly. Windows could be cracked, or if they are double glazed, condensation may indicate the glass needs to be repaired.

  1. Give the exterior some love

While you spruce up the interior of a caravan or chalet you should also consider the exterior. Over the winter the site may have be subjected to strong winds, storms and snow, which can cause damage if you don’t sort any broken panels now. Pay attention to the skylights, seals, guttering and any potential holes or cracks in the panels too.

  1. Check the fixtures and fittings

It is also an ideal time to check the various fixtures and fittings, such as bathroom suites, built in furniture and kitchen cabinets which can all suffer from scratches, scrapes and dents. On top of this, blown bulbs, exposed wiring or broken electrical sockets are unsightly and dangerous – but can be easily fixed.


If you find any damage to your caravans and holiday homes, it’s tempting to just think about replacing things but this can be an expensive business. Enlisting the help of a cosmetic repairs specialist means that homes can look like new again at a fraction of the cost.

Having worked on a number of repair projects repairing a variety of surfaces, the SD Cosmetic Repairs team are able to restore even the most damaged items to their original state. The innovative approach we take to restoring panels, shower cubicles and other internal elements means there’s no need for full replacement, as is so often the case.  This cost-effective solution allows caravan owners and park operators to ensure motor homes look as good as new in time for the summer season.

Find out more about our cosmetic repairs service here, or to see our caravan repairs visit the gallery here.


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