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How to: equip your hotel staff to spot maintenance issues

14th February 2019

Our very own Cosmetic Repairs Area Manager David Desportes explained to Boutique Hotelier how to equip staff to spot maintenance issues within a hotel, and ensure nothing is out of kilter when guests arrive.

How often should key components within a hotel be replaced? E.g. In a bedroom, In a restaurant, in the public spaces?

As long as the correct aftercare is taken then the key components in a bathroom, restaurant and in public spaces shouldn’t need replacing more than every 2-3 years, depending on how the customers/general public treat them.

Whose responsibility it is to look after the maintenance of the bedrooms?

Keeping an eye on the day to day upkeep of bedrooms will generally fall to cleaning staff, but if any issues or wear and tear arise then a dedicated maintenance team may be required, as well as sub-contractors to carry out any larger repairs that are needed.

Read the full article in Boutique Hotelier here.

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