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How much could you save with SD’s cosmetic surface repair?

25th January 2016

When your hard surfaces get damaged you have two options; repair or replace. At SD we know that repairing is a much cheaper option, after all why replace an entire unit, worktop, or surface, when you can get in touch with us to repair a small part of it?

At SD we have a fantastic team of fully qualified cosmetic surface repair technicians who can help you fix those cracks, chips, and scratches. Here are just a few cost-saving examples…

Kitchen worktops

Worktops are one of the most commonly damaged hard surfaces, picking up wear and tear over the years. We can repair a wide range of worktop surfaces from laminate, solid wood and granite.

On average we can save you between 34-84% if you choose to repair your worktops instead of you replacing them, which means our cosmetic repairs service can save you a huge amount.

External doors

Just like worktops, doors are frequently damaged surfaces. Over time your doors will collect all sorts of damage from slight scratches and marks to more obvious dents and chips.

Based on 8,371 cost profiles we analysed, we can save you up to 71% by repairing your door and this includes colour matching too so your front door looks brand new!

Windows and window frames

Our cosmetic repair technicians can repair up to 12 windows and window frames in a single day (depending on damage), and based on 6,174 cost profiles, this means we could save you upwards of 50% using our cosmetic repairs service.

This is perfect for home owners looking to bring back to life their damaged windows and window frames, and also for commercial builders looking for a quick and easy fix.

Our glass repair doesn’t include chips and cracks, but we can repair those unsightly scratches!

Get in touch

Our cosmetic surface repairs team repair a huge number of surfaces, so if you need to get in touch you can do so through our online contact form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours! If you need a surface repaired as soon as possible, call us on 08700 717 273.

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