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Handle with care – cosmetic repairs in Manchester

03rd August 2020

This week, the SD Cosmetic Repairs team were asked to visit a residential development in Manchester to carry out some much needed detailed repairs on the fixtures and fittings.

There was a lot of work needed on the doors throughout the development, which was an over 55’s residential apartment block.

One such job was to repair the finish around the door handles where, as seen below, the veneer had been chipped off over time. These doors cost over £1000 each, so the savings to be made by repairing rather than replacing are huge.

Our SD technician added stain to the filler to provide a good starting base, then hand painted each element of the grain to match the existing veneer – having to avoid any bold lines so feathering the colour up gently in layers. Finally to finish, we apply a matt lacquer to achieve the desired sheen.

The repair on this door alone took two hours to complete, being quite a detailed piece and tricky to get the natural look back. However, completely worth the time taken because now the fittings look as good as new and have saved the development a thousand pounds per door!

door handle with chipped paint visible
door handle fully repaired


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