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Hand-painted, 200 year old tiles restored

29th March 2019

The SD repairs team have taken on a tough challenge this week – repairing and restoring a series of hand-painted, ornate tiles at Hadspen House in Somerset.

We put our best people on the case and the tiles – which are estimated to be 200 years old – were beautifully restored by repairs trio Leon, Alex and Chris.

blue painted tiles with crack down the middle
blue painted tile after being fixed


Hadspen House and garden is an estate between Pitcombe and Ansford, Somerset, built between 1687 and 1689. Since then, the Grade II listed building has had multiple restorations, and is mainly built with Cary stone ashlar, with a Welsh slate roof behind parapets and stone chimney stacks. Much of the interior has been restored, including the very unique porcelain tiles you can see above and below.

painted tile with crack
painted tile with crack fixed


A very impressive job carried out by the cosmetic repairs team – well done to all involved.


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