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Gems from the Yorkshire team

21st June 2018

Our Yorkshire team have been carrying out some top jobs lately and we wanted to take this opportunity to show the good people at home what they can expect from our highly qualified branches up north.

This white upvc door suffered damage at Parsons Green, Sheffield (Gleeson Developments). It has been filled, prepped and re-sprayed to look good as new.

door frame repaired


Next up, this rosewood upvc window sill has been repaired for AJ Beavan Rendering Services in Blackburn. The sill was filled, prepped and hand-painted to match the existing design, and then lacquered to finish.

rosewood window sill damage



Finally, the team have carried out some stone tinting on behalf of Premier Construction in Barnsley.  Sadly, a vandalism attack left black bitumen strewn all over the stone work as you can see, but the Yorkshire crew came in to colour match the stone and have individually painted each one to reverse the damage.

bitumen on stone wallstone wall after tinting



A huge well done to the team on some great repairs. For more information on our services, click here.

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