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Caravan repairs in the South West

23rd September 2020

The SD Cosmetic Repairs team have been all over the South West this month carrying out caravan and motorhome repairs as the high season comes to a close.

The complete surface repair service we offer for caravans and mobile homes covers an extensive list of surfaces, including glass, brick, ceramic, metal and panelling. Whether you need to do away with unsightly chips, cover up scratched or fill in cracks, our highly skilled team of cosmetic building repairers can professionally finish anything to an exceptional standard, saving the time and money required to replace expensive items.

Take a look at some of the amazing repairs our team have been working on this week as part of our ongoing relationships with some of the biggest parks in the UK:

dent in the side of a door
fully fixed door
caravan panel hole
fixed caravan panel
a big hole in the side of a caravan panel
a clean fixed caravan panel
side of caravan with small holes in
fixed side of caravan
caravan seat full of cracks
caravan seat fully repaired


To read more about our expert caravan repairs, visit the gallery here.

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