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Devonshire caravans get an SD makeover

19th August 2020

The SD Cosmetic Repairs crew have been in beautiful Devon this month carrying out a number of caravan and motorhome repairs during high season.

Year round, our expert cosmetic repairs team provides a variety of finishing solutions for the caravan industry which have proved increasingly popular among commercial operators.

Often, caravan parks will need maintaining and restoring throughout the year, but it has been more crucial than ever that caravans are in good stead this summer, with most Brits needing to stay local for their holiday breaks following the Covid pandemic.

For the property pictured, SD completed a full respray of the caravan exterior and all windows have also been resprayed to restore them to their original high quality. As you can see, the team did a fantastic job and we are pleased to say that the caravan looks as good as new – in a lovely new colour to boot.


side of a caravan in green
side of a caravan painted grey


back of a caravan in green
back of a caravan painted grey


front of a caravan in green
front of a caravan painted grey


The complete surface repair service we offer for caravans and mobile homes covers an extensive list of surfaces, including glass, brick, ceramic, metal and panelling. Whether you need to do away with unsightly chips, cover up scratched or fill in cracks, our highly skilled team of cosmetic building repairers can professionally finish anything to an exceptional standard, saving the time and money required to replace expensive items.

To read more about our expert caravan repairs, visit the gallery here.

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