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Brick repairs and tinting with SD

09th May 2019

Repairing damage is often much more cost-effective than replacing – whether it be broken furnishings, scratched surfaces or chips in the bricks, and that’s exactly what we do here at SD.

Our cosmetic repairs technicians have been on site at Colindale in London this month, where the brickwork has been subject to serious wear and tear. Thankfully, the SD team were able to perform some brilliant repairs and the exterior walls are looking as good as new.

an exterior brick wall with damage to the corners
an exterior brick wall with no damage


Repair technician Andy talked us through carrying out such an intricate fix: “Repairing brickwork can be a complicated process – we used body filler to build up the area and chased the mortar lines out with hammer and chisel before sanding.

“To replicate the ‘brick effect’ look, a range of implements are used to dimple the wall’s surface and as these are multi-coloured bricks, we used a tinting kit to dab on several colours to match the finish.

“Once the initial colouring has dried, a coat of PVA was required and sand blown onto the bricks, with yet more colour detail added over the top. It’s a complex process but as you can see, it’s worth it for the finish!”

You can find more information on our cosmetic repairs surfaces here, or click to view our brick repairs gallery.

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