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5* treatment for London hotel

09th July 2018

SD Sealants have been lending a helping hand at a London hotel this month, where the modular pod bathroom units were in need of some care and attention.

The SD cosmetic repairs team were called upon by DRI Build Ltd to carry out some bathroom repairs at Travelodge Dagenham, which mainly serves travel in to East London.

The repairs required two of our cosmetic repairs technicians to be on site for five days total, carrying out S.M.A.R.T repairing of modular pod bathroom units which had suffered wear and tear over the years.

After a previous repairs provider found difficulties in fixing the units, the highly skilled SD team were brought in to carry out invisible repairs of surface holes and skags, and we’re really proud of the standard they have achieved here.


shower wall with markshower wall fixed

hole in shower wallshower wall fixed


Well done team! A great job, and we look forward to working with DRI Build more in the future.



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